EDIFICA Consultoria

(31) 3899-2745


Junior Enterprise of Civil Engineering UFV Campus, operating in the sector of:

  • Course Development;
  • Organization and development of courses and short courses in the civil engineering area;
  • Events Academics Organization;
  • Lectures Cycles Organization and Academic Weeks in the area of Civil Engineering;
  • Consulting in Civil Engineering;
  • Solutions for Civil Engineering problems;
  • Architectural Design;
  • Development of architectural projects, the materialization of the idea to the technical aspects;
  • Project combat from fire and panic;
  • Development projects of preventive fire-fighting facilities of buildings;
  • Endorsement of the Project;
  • Design and regularization of plants and consulting to implementation of the annotation;
  • Quantitative and Budget;
  • Quantitative Study materials and final budget for small to medium sized works;
  • Registration and projects scanning;
  • Registration and digitization projects by CAD tools (Computer Aided Design);
  • Reform and regulation of small buildings;
  • Descriptive memorial making;
  • Project Listing.