Chairman of the Board of Directors CenTev

  • Rejane Nascentes

    Graduated in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Viçosa (2001), Master in Civil Engineering (Environmental Geotechnics) from the Federal University of Viçosa (2003) and PhD in Civil Engineering (Environmental Geotechnics) from the Federal University of Viçosa (2006). PhD from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (2006). Has experience in Geotechnics and Environmental Geotechnics, acting on the following subjects: contaminant transport, soil contamination, soil chemistry, waste residues, chemical residues, laboratory tests (column tests, diffusion, Batch Test, others ), soil and landfill mechanics.

Executive Board

  • Adriana Ferreira de Faria

    Graduated in Chemical Engineering (1995), Master's degree (1998) and PhD (2002) in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Uberlândia. In 2015/2016, postdoctoral fellow at North Carolina State University (NC State), Raleigh (USA), in the area of ​​Innovation Management. Since 2007, she is a professor at the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), in the Department of Production and Mechanical Engineering (DEP), where she is currently Head of Department. She is coordinator of the Fapemig Public Policy Advisory Board. She is a professor of the Professional Master in Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property (MPITIP) of UFMG and the Master of Economics of UFV. She is Coordinator of the lato sensu postgraduate course in Production Management and was coordinator of Occupational Safety Engineering. She is a tutor of the Tutorial Education Program (PET) of the production engineering course. From 2011 to 2015 at UFV, she was Director of the Technology Park of Viçosa (tecnoPARQ); from 2007 to 2011, she was the tecnoPARQ's Startup Leader. She was a member of the UFV Permanent Intellectual Property Commission (CPPI / NIT), from 2008-2015. She was Director of the Rede Mineira de Inovação (RMI), during 2013/2014. She was Director of the Brazilian Association of Production Engineering (Abepro), during 2010/2011, where she currently participates in the Undergraduate Working Group. Hers priority areas are: innovation management and product development. She is the leader of the research and technology extension group Núcleo de Tecnologias de Gestão (NTG).

Coordination TecnoPARQ

  • Jucélia Maria Lopes Maia Roberto

    Manageress, with specialization in Auditing, Accounting and Administrative Expertise, with experience in Project Management, Innovation and Technology-based Entrepreneurship . Since 2014 she has been an Manageress at the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), where she is the tecnoPARQ Coordinator.

Coordination IEBT CenTev /UFV

  • Francylara Miranda Castro

    Graduated in Agribusiness Management from UFV (2012). Master in Business Administration, with emphasis in Business Management, Economics and Markets from UFLA (2014). Since 2016, she has worked as an Assistant Administration Officer at UFV, and in 2017 she joined the tecnoPARQ team as tecnoPARQ's administrative manager. And currently is the Coordinator of the Incubator of Technology-Based Enterprises (IEBT / tecnoPARQ) ​.

Coordination NUDESE

  • Cibele Clauver

Coordenation CEMP

  • Claudinei Heleno da Silva

Executive Secretary

  • Idalina Teixeira

Accounting management

  • José Arlindo Messias Pinto

    He has a degree in accounting and a graduate degree in Accounting and Finance from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV). In CenTev provides services related to accountability of free agreements and performs financial activities, accounting advice to linked companies CenTev / UFV.

Agreements Management

Patrimony Management

Technical Assistance on Intellectual Property CPPI

Press Officer

Coordination of the Laboratory of Physicochemical and Microbiology

Administration Assistant

  • Valério Rodrigues de Castro

    Bachelor degree in Law. Has technical training in computer science. Responsible for managing and monitoring tecnoPARQ's internal network and internet; Support for the use of tecnoPARQ shared spaces; Computer support; Patrimony Management of tecnoPARQ.

  • Evandro de Oliveira

  • Valério Rodrigues

Management of Communication and Marketing

Management of Innovation Link

Infraestrutura e Manutenção

  • Luís Gomes

    Maintanance Manager of tecnoPARQ

    Graduated in Business Administration at Norte do Paraná University and Postgraduated in Strategic Management at the Federal University of Viçosa. Currently serves as Maintanance Manager of tecnoPARQ and Logistic control of vehicles.

Reitor da UFV

  • Demétrius David da Silva

Assessoria de Sensibilização e Prospecção

Assessoria de Aceleração

  • Aline Godoi

  • Thais Aparecida

  • Samuel Almeida

Assessoria da Pré-Incubação

  • Ana Cássia dos Santos

Assessora de Laboratório

  • Daniela Leocádio

Assessora de Inovação

  • Luciana Ramos Soares

    She graduated in Business Administration with Postgraduate Latu Sensus in Accounting and Finance for the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV). Currently serves as Coordinator of Sebraetec program by UFV.

Assessoria de Empresa Residente

  • Rayane Nogueira


  • Maria Célia Rigueira

    She is an Undergraduate student in Technology in managerial processes by UNIFRAN. She also held the position of Administrative Assistant in Human Resources in City Hall of Teixeiras, and served as an attendant in the Department of Electrical Engineering at UFV. Currently carries out functions related to the Secretary of the Executive Board of CenTev / UFV.

Gerente de Projetos

  • Rodrigo Vilela