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Organizacional structure

The Technological Center of Regional Development of Viçosa (CenTev) is an organ directly linked to the rectory of the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV). Its management is performed by the Board of Directors of CenTev, the Fiscal Council and its Executive Board.

The Fiscal Council is the supervisory organ of the CenTev, composed of three members indicated by University Council of UFV (CONSU) and appointed by the Rector of the UFV, with four-year term, not renewable, with President chosen by his peers. 

The Board of Directors is responsible for superior decisions in advisory and deliberative functions. It is chaired by the vice-chancellor of UFV and its collegiate consists by the following members:

  • A representative of each Science Center (four in total);
  • Representative of CDL / Viçosa;
  • Representative of the Municipal Department of Science and Technology;
  • Representative of the State Department of Science and Technology;
  • Representative of the resident companies at tecnoPARQ,
  • Representative of the incubated companies at the Incubator of Companies with Technological Base (IEBT / CenTev);
  • Representative of Sebrae;
  • Representative of Trade Association of Viçosa;
  • President of FUNARBE.

The Executive Board conducts the general administration, enforces the decisions, guidelines and standards established by the Council in order to achieve CenTev´s objectives.

The Executive Director is chosen and nominated by the Rector of the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) from a triple list drawn up by the Board of Directors.

The chart below represents the organizational structure of CenTev: