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    Curso NUDESE

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    Evento tecnoPARQ

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    Programa Qualificação empreendedora 2016

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    Programa de Qualificação Empreendedora 2018

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    Evento IEBT

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    Programa de Qualificação Empreendedora 2019


One more edition of INOVAR - Entreprenereurship, Innovation and Development Seminar it's going to happen on November 5 to 6 in Fermado Sabino Auditorium, at the Federal University of Viçosa. This event is promoted by the tecnoPARQ Incubator and will aproach the theme "Are you ready to disruptive times?"

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About Inovar

INOVAR is an event of high impact that aimes to strenghten the entrepreneurial spirit of its participants and encourage them to think outside the box. The event is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, a global movement that reunes, all around the world, millions of students through activities that occurs in more than 140 countries. In 2014, it was 5,811 activities organized with the help of 1,154 partners that united almost 2 millions of people in the country.

The INOVAR 2019 proposal is to put together students, professors, entrepreurs, and professionals of Zona da Mata Mineira to a reflection about innovative and creative entrepreneurship. It will be two days of network, lectures and panels with capable people.

We hope that entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs of Viçosa and region be motivated for new business creation through oportunities that is to come.

With the INOVAR 2019, we hope that new technology-based companies be created and absorb skills labor generated in the universities, specially in UFV. Also, we hope that the entrepreneurship culture and the dissemination of the generated technologies in the universities be strengthen in a way that new products, processes and services be delivered to market.