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    Programa de Qualificação Empreendedora 2019

Presentation Workshop of the Triple Helix and Centelha Programs

The Permanent Comission of Intelectual Property realizes, on October 21st at 02:30PM, the first presentation workshop of the 04/2019 Call "Triple Helix: Government interaction - ICT - Company" and the Centelha Program, to clarify doubts of potential candidates. To participate you need to subscribe freely through the link: http://bit.ly/workshopfapemig.

About the Triple Helix: The iniciative foresee an investment of R$ 60,000,000 in projects that aimes to transform technologies developed by research teams in new products, services or process to the market. The Triple Helix Call is different because it foccuses on technologies that already has a request for intectual protection to competent agencies  in Brazil or abroad. The interested candidates must access the technology portfolio of the Scientifical, Technological and Innovation Institutes (ICTs) of Minas Gerais and the portfolio of technologies developes by independent inventors, identify those who are interested in develop and sign a Consent Term with the potential partner. The deadline for the proposals submition is November 4th.

The call can be accessed through here.

About the Centelha Program: It aimes to stimulate the creation of innovative enterprises  through new ideas generation in Minas Gerais. In the State, the program will be executed by the Research Support of the State Foundation (FAPEMIG) and the financial support that will be destinated to the project is up to 1 million reais.

To know more about the Program: http://programacentelha.com.br/