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Infrastructure offered

The Technological Center of Regional Development of Viçosa (CenTev) has a total area of 214 hectares, of which 174 hectares are environmental preservation and 40 acres are intended to urbanization and occupation by technology-based companies, research centers, development and innovation (RD & I) and areas of social life.

The main building has 4,750 m2 and houses the administrative structure of CenTev, Technology Park of Viçosa (tecnoPARQ) and the Incubator of Companies with Technological Base (IEBT-CenTev). The structure also has rooms for the technology-based companies from the IEBT and for companies from the tecnoPARQ, plus spaces for shared use.

The value proposal of CenTev is to have special conditions and facilities to companies, organizations, public or private institutions, seeking scientific-technological progress and techno-economic competitiveness development tools.

For this, CenTev offers physical and service structure for installation of companies; interaction and technological cooperation with enterprises and Research, Development and Innovation (RD & I) of excellence; access to highly skilled professionals and researchers; interinstitutional linkaging and development of strategic partnerships; projection and establish ties of international cooperation; and support for the capture and exploration of public, private and venture capital investments.

Currently the Main Building offers the following environments for shared use:


  • 02 meeting rooms of 20m ² each, with capacity for 8 persons each;
  • 01 mini auditorium of 135 m², with capacity for 83 people;
  • 01 auditorium of 264 m², with capacity for 167 people;
  • 01 multipurpose room of 140 m², with capacity for 40 people;
  • 01 great hall of 100 m², with capacity for 54 people;
  • 01 computer lab of 37 m², with capacity for 20 people;
  • 02 training rooms of 41 m² each, with capacity for 40 people each;
  • 01 video conference room with capacity for 30 people;
  • 01 library of 20 m², with capacity for 10 people, with bibliographic collection of over 1,000 books;
  • Physical and Chemical Analysis Laboratories
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Space for gatherings of 100 m², with capacity for 200 people