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  • Anprotec presents workshop about tecnoPARQ's Internationalization Process

Anprotec presents workshop about tecnoPARQ's Internationalization Process

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The Nacional Association of Entities that Promote Innovative Entrepreneurship (Anprotec), represented by its international projects coordinator, Simone Torrescasana, has visited tecnoPARQ in the last Wednesday (28). In this occasion, Simone has participated on a meeting with part of the administrative staff from tecnoPARQ, where the Director of the parq Adriana Ferreira de Faria, the coordinator of the incubator Jucelia Maia, the businesses manager Fancylara Castro and the communications assistant Camila Macedo were present.

During the meeting, strategic points were discussed when it comes to the internationalization of tecnoPARQ, poiting the importance of formalization of partnerships with bib associations and similar parqs around the world. TecnoPARQ is well set up in Brazil as one of the main innovative environments and has a huge potential to expand its activities in an international manner.  

Simone has also given the Workshop to Internalization to all businesses associated with tecnoPARQ, where available opportunities were presented so the startups could start their internationalization process. This event has counted with the participation of the Director of Internationa affairs of UFV, professor Vladimir Oliveira de Iorio, and businesses associated to tecnoPARQ.

Amongst the opportunities presented, the plataforms land2land and the program StartOUT Brasil can be highlighted. The platform land2land offers trustable access to a net composed by technological parqs, businesses incubators and accelerators, coworkings and other that already provide services to facilitate the internationalization process. The StartOUT Brasil is a program to support the insertion of Brazilian startups in the most promising innovation ecosystems worldwide.