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  • Entitled "A Successful Mindset", Meetup promoted by tecnoPARQ is a success!

Entitled "A Successful Mindset", Meetup promoted by tecnoPARQ is a success!

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In February 4th, there was a meetup promoted by tecnoPARQ. The event happened at Leão Bar and brought together, approximately, 60 people. The meetup, entitled “A successful mindset”, had as speakers Roberta Finamore, Organizational Psychologist and Paulo Chequer, Leader Coach; who approached the topic through a relaxed chat with the audience.

On the occasion, the three tecnoPARQ programs with open registration were also presented: tecnoPARQ accelerates, the Incubation Program and the Pre-Incubation Program. The tecnoPARQ accelerates is a pre-acceleration program for startups and aims to qualify entrepreneurs in a way connecting them to the latest high-impact business development methodologies in the world through intensive training. In this edition, the agricultural and forestry sectors will be the theme, such as the technologies: Forestry 4.0, AgroInova and Avança Café. In this program, entrepreneurs will be able to experience the different phases of development of a startup with the help of mentors and specialized professionals who will share their experiences in practical modules and mentoring.

The Pre-Incubation Program is foccused on entrepreneurs who need support and guidance to transform their ideas into businesses through workshops and advice, to train entrepreneurs in the main tools of business management and development. Finally, the Incubation Program s foccused on the development and growth of new technology-based companies, with an emphasis on structuring the business through the pillars of action: (1) strategic planning, (2) management training, through qualification, advisory services and consultancies, and (3) development of partnerships and customers.

For more information about tecnoPARQ accelerates, visit: http://bit.ly/tecnoPARQ-Accelerates

For more information about the Pre-Incubation and Incubation Program, visit: http://bit.ly/IEBTprograms