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Executive Director of tecnoPARQ do a meeting with Sebrae/MG Comission and the UFV Dean

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In June 14th, friday, happened a meeting between the Administrative Board of the tecnoPARQ, Sebrae/MG representatives and the UFV Dean, Demétrius David da Silva. The meeting was at the Technology Park of Viçosa and aimed to discuss the long term partnership between the present ones, as well as present the new standards of Sebrae and how the UFV and the tecnoPARQ are key players in this moment.

In the occasion were present: Marcelo Jose Braga, Director of IPPDS; Daniela Santana de Araújo, PEC Advisor; Adriana Fereira de Faria, Executive Director of tecnoPARQ; Galvão Borel Emerick, Technical Analyst of SEBRAE Zona da Mata e Vertentes, responsible for the Sebrae Office in Viçosa; João da Cruz Reis Filho, Technical Director of SEBRAE MG; Anízio Dutra Vianna, Technical Analyst at SEBRAE Minas Articulation Unit for Economic Development; Cássio da Silva Duarte, Technical Analyst at SEBRAE Minas Articulation Unit for Economic Development;  Anderson Costa Cabido, Technical Analyst at SEBRAE Minas Industry, Commerce and Services Unit; Jucélia Maria Lopes Maia Roberto, Incubator Coordinator; Luciana Ramos Soares, Project Assistent of SEBRAEtec for tecnoPARQ/UFV; José Luís Rufino, Superintendent of the UFV Coffee Center of Excellence; Demétrius David da Silva, Dean of UFV.

During the meeting there was a presentation of the DEL Program - Local Economic Development, created by Sebrae/MG. The DEL approach is based on two major topics of SEBRAE atuation for competitiveness: the first one, foccused on the Small Businesses in management and eficiency improvement. The second one, is the Business Environment, creating needed conditions to the undertake grow and develop. In this context, the Program standards meet the tecnoPARQ's main objectives. The main idea is to bring together universities, cooperatives, city halls, business associations and others to the project.

In the occasion, the participants remembered some of the Projects executed by UFV that contributed to the local and regional development and could be strategic actions to the project. Besides that, they highlighet the relevance of this kind of work to encourage the entrepreneurship, atract business and reduce obsticles to business competitiveness. At the end it was decided to create a comum agenda of activities that will be shared next week.