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  • Hack Agro'n'Forest awards innovative solutions in agricultural and forestry sectors

Hack Agro'n'Forest awards innovative solutions in agricultural and forestry sectors

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On the weekend between November 15 and 17, there was Hack Agro'n'Forest, a hackathon promoted by tecnoPARQ Accelerates, an acceleration program that aims to qualify entrepreneurs and connect them to the latest development methodologies in the world's high impact business through intensive training. In this edition of the program, the sectors addressed were agriculture and forestry, which were also the themes of the event.

The hackathon has a competition format and consists of teaming up to solve challenges and exposed problems with the help of a team of qualified mentors. The Hack Agro'n'Forest was attended by nine mentors with experience in the agricultural and forestry sectors: Flávio Amaral (SENAR), Harrison Belico (SENAR), Henrique Frederico Santos (SENAR), Brian Neres Vieira, Leandro Cardoso Seveso, Emilay Miranda, Thaissa Mendes Pereira and Arthur Paschoal, as well as the Innovation Link team, which mapped the technologies that would be addressed in this edition of tecnoPARQ Accelerates. The hackathon took place at tecnoPARQ and brought together 37 participants from various courses, including Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Agronomy, Economics, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and Administration; interested in developing solutions to the problems exposed.

The event started on Friday with a hackathon opening; a lecture by Arthur Paschoal, owner of Seediing; a chat about the technologies covered in this edition with Innovation Link; and dynamics for team building. By the end of the first day, the teams were already formed, starting to structure their business ideas.

On Saturday, there were some chat talks on “Customer Journey / Value Proposition”, “MVP” and “Pitch”, and the teams continued to develop their solutions to be presented on Sunday. The presentation of the solutions of each team was made to an examining board composed by Jucélia Maia, Coordinator of tecnoPARQ Incubator; Gardiego Luiz da Silva, owner of the company Dinni; and Igor Guadalupe Coelho, owner of the Jungle company. The first three places were awarded.

The winning teams were, in first place, ORAGRO, composed by Priscila dos Santos Evangelista, Diego Andreão Falquetto, Alex Xavier Pinheiro, Victor Ribeiro de France, Pedro Fernandes, Victor Castro N. de Faria, with the proposal of prevention and management of pests and diseases through data analysis; in second place, RAIT, composed by Igor Rodrigues Quintão, Igor Lopes de Faria, João Victor F. Nogueira, William Klippel Huber, Ana Paula Costa do Carmo, Vinicius Alexandre Moreira dos Santos, with the proposal to automate the physical classification of commodity coffee , through the use of sensors, cameras and machine learning; and in third place, InnoCOFFEE, composed by Lucas Faria, Vitor Resende, Arthur Miranda, Márcio Campos and Takefumi Ushimaru, with the proposed solution to monitor coffee fermentation process variables through instrumentation and integration of new technologies such as Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, to be able to analyze and cross data of good results in order to generate replicability in the process.

In testimony, Vinícius Alexandre Moreira dos Santos, member of the RAIT team, said:

“Participating in Hackathon was a surprise to me, because I had never participated in such an event, I didn't know what to expect. And over the course of Hackathon I realized how good it is to participate in this type of event, for all it provides; networking, meeting new people, acquiring knowledge through mentoring people with incredible knowledge and also through the RAIT team who knew how to pass on their knowledge in an incredible way. Finally, I would like to thank everyone involved in hosting Hack Agro'n'Forest for this opportunity and hope for more events like this one to come. "

Diego Andreão Falquetto, member of the champion team ORAGRO, also gave a testimonial about the event, reinforcing its relevance in professional training:

“Hackathon was a great opportunity to develop and improve creative and collaborative skills! Here, in addition to showing how important teamwork is, I realized that the entrepreneurial model is not only about creating new business models, but also doing differently in the organizations we work for, putting more complete solutions on the market. "

More information about tecnoPARQ Accelerates: http://www.centev.ufv.br/en/servico/tecnoparq-acelera