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Innovation link promotes interaction between liders of innovation at UFV's research centers

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In this last Friday (16th), the executive director of tecnoPARQ, professor Adriana Ferreira de Faria, representing the Innovation Link office of tecnoPARQ, had a meeting with the structural engineering leader of EMBRAER, Cristiano Pena, and the manager of technology and innovation from SENAI/FIEMG, José Luciano de Assis in research labs at UFV.

The department of Agricultural Engineering of UFV was visited so they could get to know the biofuels lab, coordinated by professor Márcio Aredes Martins, where studies about extraction of oil from the biomass produced by algae are being made, so they can work as an alternative to the production of biofuels. 

A visit to the Engineering labs of UFV (LABENGE) was made accompanied by the professor Charles Luis da Silva, chief of department at the production and mechanical engineering from UFV. The visitors could get to know all the infrastructure offered by LABENGE to the development of new tech researches. They could also get to know projects from SAE UFV, amongst them the aero design developed by the Skywards team. At LABENGE, professor Alexandre Brandão presented his work with robotics at the research group called NERO, that uses drones for the productive sector.

This visit is a part of the activities executed by Innovation Link, that aims to promote the interaction between entrepreneurs and researches, looking forward the establishment of cooperative projects, facilitating the access to technology at UFV.