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Integrated program of entrepreneurship qualification teaches juridical aspects and financial control

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It has happened, at 27 and 28 of august, the Integrated program of entrepreneurship qualification (PIQE). The participants had the opportunities to get in contact with juridical and financial aspects that are evolved in every business. 

The workshop “Juridical aspects evolved in hiring employees” given by the lawyers Raul Tavares Junqueira and Hyran Pinheiro Pontes, from Pontes Advocacy, promoted comprehension when it comes to juridical aspects that should be known while hiring employees, so the participants could have confidence while hiring their staff with safety and efficiency.

SEBRAE, represented by consultor and finances advisor Maria Nilda Viana Clementino, presented the workshops “How to elaborate controls” and “How to elaborate your price to sale”. The first one had as an objective to show useful information on financial management with theoretical and practical contents, showing procedures and making suggestions about a business financial management. The entrepreneurs could learn about the conditions to have a good decision based on planning and trustable information. 

The second workshop had the objective to present the aspects that help to analyse the factors as demand, competition and costs to decide about prices, contributing to the growth and competitiveness of the businesses. To achieve this, the main topics were discussed: the importance of prices formation to businesses, industry and services; Getting to know the elements that are involved in prices formation: costs and incomes; identifying the prices to sell; analyzing the balance point; the most usual practices to set up a price; analysis and results.