Junior enterprises from UFV awards FEJEMG Prize

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It happened on December 7th, in Belo Horizonte, the 2019 edition of the FEJEMG Prize, entitled "Sua História". The event is organized by the Federation of Junior Enterprises of the State of Minas Gerais (FEJEMG) and aims to reward the junior companies (EJs) that stood out in 2019.

This year was historic for CEEMPRE junior companies. We had 12 federated EJs who took their federation certificate at the event. This means that these companies are now definitely part of the Junior Enterprise Movement at the federal level and will have greater recognition and support, contributing to the goals of the Brazil Junior Confederation. Of these companies, five were recognized in the “newly federated that achieved their goals” category. The Federal University of Viçosa, a reference in entrepreneurship, ends the year with 34 junior companies federated to FEJEMG. There are 42 junior companies recognized by UFV and affiliated to CEEMPRE and tecnoPARQ.

We had the historic number of 15 junior companies that reached their best version and were recognized as “High Growth” (CA), which means that they beat their project number, billing and percentage of members running projects. In addition, 11 CEEMPRE companies were recognized as “Connected”, that is, in addition to achieving the AC, they shared the goals of shared actions (projects in conjunction with another junior company or project nomination), in addition to reaching the percentage of members attending MEJ events. A connected junior company is the one that can offer a complete business experience to its members.

The junior companies: Alimentos Júnior Consultoria, Consenso, Decisão Consultoria Júnior, EFICAP, EmpNut, InfoAlto, No Bugs, Polimerize and Soluções; have been recognized as Junior Impact companies as they have undertaken projects that impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and that achieved their SPL goals in the projects undertaken in 2019.

We were also featured in the surprise categories. Intermedia and Tetu were recognized as a highlight of the federation process. Alimentos Júnior Consultoria won the “Cluster 3 Featured Company” award and No Bugs was second in the “EJ Multiplier” category.

Below you can check in detail all the acknowledgments:

Federated Companies in 2019: AgroCAF, Agrijúnior, Ambiental Jr., Edifica Consultoria, EJEAG, EJESC, EJZ Consultoria, InBio, Intermídia, Minas Lácteos, PraxCis e Tetu.

Newly federated junior companies that have met their goals: Minas Lácteos, AgriJúnior, EJEAG, EJESC e Intermídia.

Junior High Growth Companies: AgroPlan-UFV, Alimentos Júnior Consultoria, CAMPIC Consultoria Jr., Consenso, Decisão Consultoria Júnior, diElétrica, EcapJr, EFICAP, EmpNut, ENGAJ, InfoAlto, No Bugs, Polimerize, Soluções Consultoria e UFV Coach.

Junior Connected Companies: Alimentos Júnior Consultoria, CAMPIC, Consenso, Decisão Consultoria Júnior, diElétrica, EFICAP, EmpNut, InfoAlto, No Bugs, Polimerize e Soluções Consultoria.

Junior Business Impact: Alimentos Júnior Consultoria, Consenso, Decisão Consultoria Júnior, EFICAP, EmpNut, InfoAlto, No Bugs, Polimerize e Soluções.