Meetup promoted by tecnoPARQ is a success

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On November 13th, a meetup was held by tecnoPARQ Accelerates, an acceleration program for the Technology Park of Viçosa (tecnoPARQ). The event happened at Arte e Sabor and brought together over 70 people, among them specialists from the National Rural Learning Service - SENAR.

The program featured a conversation about “how to get your idea off the paper”; a presentation by Pollen, a successful forestry case; a panel composed of SENAR representatives on the challenges and trends of the agricultural and forestry sector; and the presentation of the tecnoPARQ Accelerates, an acceleration program, which aims to develop businesses with high growth potential linked to strategic sectors and technologies. In this edition the priority sectors are: Forestry 4.0, AgroInova and Avança Café. The acceleration program for startups aims to qualify entrepreneurs connecting them to the latest high impact business development methodologies in the world through intensive training. With tecnoPARQ Accelerates, entrepreneurs will be able to experience the various stages of startup development with the help of mentors and expert professionals who will share their experiences in practical modules and mentoring. The program will provide support for the development of the Technology Plan, activities to accelerate the business model, access to investors, access to the coworking space and networking.

Meetup is part of a set of events promoted by tecnoPARQ Accelerates which, in this edition, focuses on the agricultural and forestry sector. The next event promoted by the acceleration program will happen on November 15-17 at tecnoPARQ and will be a hackathon. Hack Agro'n'Forest, name given to the event, will focus on solving real problems in the agricultural and forestry sector and anyone can participate. At the end of the event, there will be a pitch presentation of each of the teams formed during the hackathon, with judges and potential investors, where the best solutions will be ranked.

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