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New companies are selected to the Incubation Program of tecnoPARQ

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In December 2019, the tecnoPARQ / UFV Technology-Based Incubator of Enterprises performed the selection process for the Incubation Program. Many companies submitted their proposals and seven of them were approved in the program.

The companies selected in this call were:

ABC Cães e Gatos - A company focused on nutrition, behavior and animal welfare;
ADWA - A technology development startup for the Cannabis production and processing chain;
Código Font - Works the development of software and mobile applications focusing on the user experience;
Move Your Body - A service company, whose mission is to provide greater visibility to companies / institutions through the complete organization of Sporting Events;
Orbit - An environmental consulting firm with a platform that enables environmental consultants to optimize their services through tools such as spreadsheets, document templates and project roadmaps;
Recombine Biotech - A biotechnology company active in the production of diagnostic antigens;
StartGeo - Works in the development of geo-optimized solutions for each client's specific situations.

The selected companies will receive advice, consultancy, mentoring and all necessary support for the development of their business. The program has an average duration of three years, this period is defined by the evolution level of the company within the program. At the end of the program, the company may submit to join as a tecnoPARQ Resident Company.