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Opportunity for university-industry interaction happens in CenTev

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The World Food Innovation Networking (WoFin) is a network of cooperation between technology parks, clusters, and scientific and technological research institutions as well as individuals involved in these companies. The network aims to establish strategic actions that promote innovation and economic development of their regions and countries.

This year, for the first time, one country in Latin America was chosen to host the WoFIN meeting, which began yesterday, 9/11 at the Technological Park of Viçosa (tecnoPARQ), a unit of the Technological Center of Regional Development Viçosa (CenTev).

The WoFIN meeting is being a prime opportunity to business meetings between foreign and domestic companies, especially those linked to CenTev. Also during the event, there are meetings going on between researchers from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) with companies and research institutes participants.

To the representative of the cluster's food Wagralin, Belgian Olivier Fain, is of great importance to find and learn about the work of Brazilian companies, meet the challenges and demands of them and then make the connection with the Belgian company. He also reports that his cluster has well differentiated and complementary product offerings to produce innovative, competitive business and also enable you to prepare companies for export.

Fernanda Sevciuc, representative of Ouro Fino Company, reaffirms and complements the testimony of Olivier: "It is very interesting to become aware of the different technologies developed in the world they can bring us great things. So, whenever it´s possible, we need meetings like this!”

A representative of the company Sweets Ylagam, Jennifer Domingos Pereira, has already established possible partnerships: "I met with some professors at UFV and a representative of SEBRAE and this was very important. They have indicated me some changes that can be done in the products we manufacture and agreed to meet again. For us it's great to establish a partnership with UFV, who is very competent in research and aims to promote technological innovation.”

The WoFin is the opportunity that the entrepreneur needs to have contact with scientists! To follow what is happening at the event, visit: