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Parliamentary Joint Front for Supporting Technology Parks is launched in Brasilia

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On September 18th, at the Freitas de Nobre Auditorium, in Brasilia-DF, happend the release of the Parliamentary Joint Front in Support of Technology Parks. The initiative is headed by Federal Deputy Major Vitor Hugo and as Vice-President Senator Vanderlan Cardoso.

Also present at the event were: Marcos Pontes, Minister of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, General Ramos, Minister of Government Secretariat, Caio Victor Vieira, representing the National Secretariat of Regional Development, Gianna Sagazio, Coordinator of Business Mobilization for Innovation ( MEI), Guilherme Derrite, Federal Deputy and First Secretary of the Parliamentary Joint Front in Support of Technology Parks, and Francisco Saboya, Vice-President of Anprotec.

Anprotec is responsible for the executive secretary of the Front, whose objective is to stimulate and support the development of public policies for the creation or improvement of Brazil's Technology Parks, and thereby cooperate for the country's economic growth.

Representing Anprotec, Francisco Saboya pointed to the challenges present in Brazil, highlighting the need to have an instance in the legislative plan to stimulate technology parks, which have been the engine of development for industry in other countries. “We have a paradox in Brazil. We currently rank 14th among the most scientifically produced countries, on the other hand we are 66th in terms of competitiveness and 96th in the global productivity ranking. Clearly we have to find ways to convert all this scientific production into business and results. In this context, technology parks are essential environments, ”said Saboya, who was, for 11 years, CEO of the Porto Digital Management Center in Recife, one of the most impactful innovation environments in the country.

The vice president of Anprotec also spoke about the association's participation in technological progress and job creation in the country. “Anprotec has over 360 associates, including technology parks, incubators and accelerators. More than 10,000 companies have already been incubated and graduated in these innovation ecosystems. The jobs that were generated by these companies exceed 100 thousand. In Porto Digital alone, in Recife, for example, there are more than 10,000 people working in 329 technology companies. This is one of the points that shows the importance of these environments for the country's development ”, concludes Saboya.

After the session, Senator Vanderlan Cardoso, who was elected to the Anprotec Advisory Council for the management that will begin in the period 2020-2021, addressed the Senate plenary and spoke about the initiative, highlighting the numbers from the study conducted by MCTIC ' Technology Parks Indicators'. “According to MCTIC, in 2000 there were only 10 technology park initiatives in Brazil. There are currently more than 107 initiatives integrating the private and public sector, and academia. Today there are 43 consolidated parks in the country, in addition to 12 thousand startups, which in 2018 alone, received private investments of over 2 billion reais, this shows the strength of this powerful industry. Our country will only grow again with investment in education, innovation and technology and the Parliamentary Joint Front for Supporting Technology Parks has the mission of stimulating this growth. ”

Source: anprotec.org.br