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PIQUE's Market Module Workshop addresses topic about Sales Funnel and Content Marketing

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On July 25 and 26, the Market Module of the Entrepreneurial Qualification Program 2019 (PIQE) happened. In this module participants had the opportunity to find out what strategies they can use to efficiently reach and monitor their potential customers through the sales funnel, CRM and through Content Marketing. Entrepreneurs also learned a little more about social media, as well as how to create content that is valuable to their business personas.

On the 25th, we had the “Sales and CRM Funnel Course: Outlining Strategies to Capture Potential Customers” taught by the guys at Creative Content, a company that came to bring back the credibility that advertising and marketing agencies have lost. The course showed the entire customer buying journey process with the sales funnel, divided into three steps: funnel top, awareness raising process; funnel means, solution search process; and funnel fund, closing of the purchase. The boys explained each step and how the whole nutrition process is done and the importance of implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The term refers to a set of customer-focused practices, business strategies and technologies that from small businesses and startups to midsize and large organizations can use to manage and analyze interactions with their customers, anticipate their needs and wants, optimize profitability and increase the sales and assertiveness of your new customer acquisition campaigns.

Already on the 26th, the expert Renan Nogueira, Rock Content, the largest content marketing company in Latin America, presented the best strategies to reach the customer of your business through the production and dissemination of personalized content. Through Inbound Marketing you can create, publish, and promote content to attract and build customer loyalty. People impacted by your content tend to feel confident enough to allow the company to get closer and gradually build a healthy relationship that can result in sales. Inbound Marketing is the strategy in which customers come to your business, attracted by your message. From there it becomes easier to present your solutions and turn them into customers and even brand promoters.

Now PIQE arrives with the Capital Module, which will happen on August 27 and 28, here at tecnoPARQ. For more information about this module visit PIQE Capital Module.