Realtec is featured in agribusiness management solutions

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For 19 years in the market, Realtec, a resident company of tecnoPARQ, became a pioneer in the development of agribusiness management software and commercial automation in the region of São Gotardo, Minas Gerais, and today, has expanded its market, operating in the most different regions of Brazil.

Like the largest startups, Realtec has developed its technology base, applying its innovation in the development of management and intelligence software for the agribusiness sector, as well as the creation of apps for planting control. ERP AGRO software transforms data into management relevant information, ensuring assertiveness in decision making and allowing access simply and quickly.

In 2018, Realtec became part of tecnoPARQ's resident companies, establishing a partnership for generating innovative business. “The Technology Park of Viçosa has come as a great opportunity to develop better quality products and services for our core product. It was possible to create a food tracking system where it is possible to know the origin of the product anywhere in the world. In this tracking system the producer also knows where the product is coming from and collects data for the best planting and quality ”- says Adriana L. de Paula, Realtec advisor.

Realtec currently has active interaction with the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), especially with the Rio Paranaíba Campus, where it has its main talent recruitment channel. “80% of our workforce are graduates or current students of UFV in the Information Systems, Production Engineering, Accounting and Administration courses” - concludes Adriana.

Realtec grows every year thanks to the continuous technological changes required by the market, offering real solutions in business management for each type of company, be it Wholesale, Retail, Industry or Agribusiness.