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  • Registration to the tecnoPARQ accelerates Program is available

Registration to the tecnoPARQ accelerates Program is available

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The tecnoPARQ accelerates, tecnoPARQ's Pre-Acceleration Program, aims to develop businesses with great growth potential related to strategic sectors and technologies. In this edition, the agricultural and forestry sectors will be the theme, such as the technologies: Forestry 4.0, AgroInova and Avança Café. The pre-acceleration program for startups aims to qualify entrepreneurs, connecting them to the latest high-impact business development methodologies in the world through intensive training. With tecnoPARQ accelerates, entrepreneurs will be able to experience the different phases of development of a startup with the help of mentors and specialized professionals who will share their experiences in practical modules and mentoring. The Program will offer support for the development of the Technological Plan, activities to accelerate the business model, access to investors, access to the coworking space and networking.

The tecnoPARQ seeks, through tecnoPARQ accelerates, to prepare business projects for future entry into the Incubation Program; assist the creation of new technology-based companies that contribute to the process of populating the tecnoPARQ, generating quality jobs and income; spread the culture of innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship to the community, stimulating the creation of academic spin-offs; promote interaction between entrepreneurs, students and researchers, as well as between teaching and research institutions, companies, government agencies, financial agents and society; expand the possibilities for commercial success of new technology-based companies created from the projects developed at tecnoPARQ accelerates; provide advice and support to the entrepreneurial ideas that arise among students, teachers and technicians at UFV, helping them to mature their projects; and increase students' employability, showing other professional possibilities and providing a competitive advantage in their careers.

Registration for the program will be open until 03/13/2020 and can be done through the FUNARBE platform, accessing the link: https://eventos.funarbe.org.br/detalhes/tecnoparq-acelera

For more information: http://bit.ly/tecnoPARQ-Acelera