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Technology on the field: Dinni, resident company of the tecnoPARQ, increases productivity in cattle raising

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If technology impacts the way we live today, you can be sure that it has also established itself as a tool for improving productivity in the field. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, 67% of farms already use some type of technology, especially precision agriculture. Innovation in the countryside has been happening inside and outside the gates.

In this scenario, as part of a more robust strategic plan, companies are increasingly investing in advanced technologies that increase the quality and productivity of their products. Dinni Soluções, a technology-based startup installed at tecnoPARQ, since July 2012, has been following this industry demand and developing more research to create innovative products. Its main product on the market today, Esteio Gestão Agropecuária, is a platform for livestock management that allows the complete management of the property, dairy or beef cattle, besides controlling the basic routines of the ranching company, it assists in the zootechnical and financial of the farms.

Created in 2009 to meet the demand of the agricultural market for services that align technology and knowledge to the activities developed in the agrarian environment, Dinni Soluções em Sistemas has been providing consulting services and producing software that focuses on quality and simplicity of use.

With products developed within the best software standards in the market, the company, besides being focused on market demands, seeks to promote social development, using processes and methods focused on technological innovation, providing information in a simple and dynamic way.

The main differential for Dinni to install itself in an innovation environment was to allow a strategic change of the company thinking about scale, moving from a software factory model to scalable product development. In addition, UFV's visibility and seal in forming key business development partnerships was also critical for the company to consider installing at tecnoPARQ as a strategic decision.

Currently the company evaluates as positive the partnerships signed with the Department of Animal Science of UFV, which has been providing the development of the BR-CORTE 4 platform, which will be launched later this year. In addition to strategic partnerships as in the case of the Cooperative COMIGO, of the state of Goiás, which provides the creation of technologies for dairy and beef cattle based on the platform Esteio Gestão Agropecuária, which for the cooperative was customized as SUPER-PEC. It can also highlight the partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) in the validation of the methodology for Improving the Milk Production Chain in the state of Rondônia.

The result of the work done by the company is already visible in the field, as the producer Rogério Trevisoli points out for the Informe Magazine of the COMIGO Cooperative of Rio Verde Goiás: “With SUPER-PEC I'm leaving the notes of animals in the traditional notebook, in each animal tokens for an application that works across multiple platforms and gives me access to all these notes in real time, wherever I am. I can make decisions anytime. I can see the overall situation of the herd, have access to graphs and evaluate all data more efficiently. That makes a lot of difference.”- The full interview can be accessed on pages 46 to 48 of Informe COMIGO Magazine, via the link http://bit.ly/2mHGttd.

For the future, the company expects to continue to grow by establishing new partnerships, scaling its products and increasingly strengthening its multidisciplinary team. To this end, Dinni is working on ways to be incisive in the field in order to perform a work of excellence in the agricultural sector market, thus achieving its long-term goals, becoming a reference in technology for agribusiness.