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  • tecnoPARQ in Synergy awards companies highlights in 2019 and promotes a Demoday

tecnoPARQ in Synergy awards companies highlights in 2019 and promotes a Demoday

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In December 16th, happened tecnoPARQ in Synergy, an event that aims to promote interaction between related companies, partners, external companies and members of the Park. In the occasion, it also happened the Demoday of the pre-incubated companies, the 2019 Business Highlights Awards, the welcome to new companies and the IV Annual Meeting of the Graduated Companies.

The event was hosted by the tecnoPARQ Startup Leader Francylara Miranda Castro, who opened the event and thanked the sponsors: Funarbe, SEBRAE, Haskell, Susu Coffee break e salgados, Casa do Queijo de Viçosa, Saudali, Buffet Requinte, Profitus e Casa do Empresário de Viçosa. Soon after, the Demoday was launched, an innovative event that aimes to promote interaction between key players in Viçosa's entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as entrepreneurs, the community, partners and investors, as well as presenting pre-incubated projects and their main results.

During Demoday, there was a presentation of Pitchs of the four pre-incubated projects that completed the program: ABC Cães e Gatos, Geo Connect, 4Matt e StartGeo. At the time, the representatives of each project were able to present their business model and the results achieved during this edition of the Program. Each participant had five minutes of oral exposure of their project to entrepreneurs, future investors and other enthusiasts interested in innovation.

The presentations were evaluated by a committee composed by: Adriana Ferreira de Faria, Executive Director; José Josnei Moreira, from Clonar Engenharia; Jucélia Maia, technoPARQ Coordinator; and Franklin Vitor de Souza Abreu, managing partner of Távola Lúdica.

At the end of the presentations, 4Matt received the “Featured Company 2019” certificate based on its performance throughout the program, and Startgeo was selected by the evaluation committee as the best Pitch presentation.

After the Demoday, the 2019 Featured Company Awards began, which, in the graduate / resident category, Labor Rural won, competing against Realtec, Cientec and Jungle; and in the incubated category, MedYes won, competing against Lia Marinha, Ento +, WGV, Pigpork Solutions and Seduca.

To end the evening, the IV Annual Meeting of the graduated companies started, in which Milk Plan received the Resident Company Certificate; and Ecotrix Biodefensivos received the Graduate Company Certificate. The event also had live music, featuring Kamila Demarques, and a cocktail party, providing an opportunity for socializing between graduated and incubated companies.