tecnoPARQ receives a Food Truck

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Last Tuesday, 19th, a lecture on Leadership was given by Adriana Ferreira de Faria at the tecnoPARQ. At the time, the employees of the Technology Park of Viçosa, the PET- EPR / UFV Tutorial Education Program and other students were present.

After the lecture, the attendees, as well as the visitors and the technoPARQ companies, could have lunch at the Food Truck that was installed in the parking lot of the Technology Park, which still had live music. The initiative aimed to provide a moment of relaxation, facilitating the creation of networks among those present.

In testimony, Munir Salim from Seduca, said that he liked the initiative and looks forward to the next event:

"I really enjoyed the Food Truck at the tecnoPARQ. In addition to the good food, we had live music and networking! I'm waiting for the next one!"