tecnoPARQ receives Cerne Certificate

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Today, December 4th, in Brasília (DF), is happening the traditional Café da Manhã Anprotec & Parceiros. The event aims to present a balance of activities performed throughout the year and receive institutes of the innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem for networks and possible partnerships.

At the event, innovation environments are receiving certificates for deploying the Cerne Model in their incubator or accelerator. Among the certificates is tecnoPARQ, which received the Cerne 1, after previous approval in an examining board in November 29th. TecnoPARQ's Executive Director, Adriana Ferreira de Faria, is attending the event and received the certificate of the tecnoPARQ's Incubator of Technology-Based Enterprises –IEBT / CenTev.

The process of implementation of the Cerne has been developed by Anprotec and SEBRAE since 2008 and, since then, the tecnoPARQ's Incubator has adopted various methods of it's model.