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tecnoPARQ team participate at Caravana 4.0 from Ideas for Milk, event promoted by Embrapa

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Caravan 4.0, the series of mobilization events that make up Ideas for Milk, was in the Department of Animal Science of the Federal University of Viçosa last Monday, September 16th. The event brought researchers and analysts from Embrapa Gado de Leite to talk about the milk supply chain, the digital agribusiness revolution and the agtech market. The supervisor of Embrapa's dairy cattle transfer, training and capacity building center, Rosangela Zoccal, gave a lecture on the importance of transforming creativity into innovation, with emphasis on milk production. According to her, "Brazil needs to expand its milk export and for that to happen, we need big ideas to be converted into innovation."

Consumers are increasingly demanding, looking for better quality products at affordable prices, thinking about their health and the health of the animal. Therefore, sustainability and innovation must go hand in hand. According to Rosângela, there are still many challenges faced by dairy farming, especially the quality of animal feed, the qualification of the workforce, quality milk production, increased productivity, activity management and economic development. But with entrepreneurial skills we can foster innovation in the sector and overcome these challenges.

Following this, Sávio Cruz, CEO of Volutech, the company that won 2nd place in the pitch rating of the tecnoPARQ Pre-Incubation Program, spoke about his participation in Vacathon 2018, an event that is also part of the Ideas for Milk program. The company was one of that year's Vacathon winners with a solution to accurately measure the volume of milk in the cooling tanks. One of the highlights of the evening was the multidisciplinarity of the Volutech team. Although the solution was geared towards the agro sector, students from different fields of knowledge were part of the construction of the prototype presented at Vacathon, among them a student of agricultural engineering, a zootechnist, an electrical engineering and a veterinarian. Volutech had its multidisciplinarity also recognized in our Pre-Incubation Program. This is one of the main goals of Ideas for Milk, to form teams with different knowledge in pursuit of a single goal, to form an innovation ecosystem for the dairy sector.

Finally, Sávio highlighted how Embrapa and tecnoPARQ impacted their entrepreneurial growth and business development, and invited participants to learn about tecnoPARQ.