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tecnoPARQ's Incubator discloses list of new projects and enterprises selected to the Pre-Incubation Program

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The Administration Council of the Technology Park of Viçosa met to analyze the proposals of the companies and projects enrolled in the 2019-2 Pre-Incubation Program, offered by the Technology-Based Business Incubator (IEBT). The proposals were previously evaluated by IEBT's examining board and the Council for technical viability and financial standing.

Introducing the latest components from the tecnoPARQ/UFV Technology-Based Business Incubator (IEBT) entrepreneurial team:

Wood-se: Production of CNC machined wood parts using Lichtemberg Figures and epoxy resin, promoting a refined design.
GeoConnect: Use of georeferencing to generate data that optimize the management of municipalities.
Pólen: Production of an automated greenhouse and other products that help the daily life of forest nurseries.
Site In Box: In-door and automated production of Microgreens.
4Matt: Software Governance Platform (SaaS) through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
ABC Cães e Gatos: Balanced food for dogs and cats, aligned with the understanding of animal behavior.

About the Pre-Incubation Selection Process:

The criteria used in the selection evaluation were: technical, economic and commercial viability of the proposal; technical and managerial capacity of entrepreneurs; technological content and level of innovation of the products, processes and services to be offered, as well as their modernizing impact on the economy; adequacy and fulfillment of the objectives of the Incubator, tecnoPARQ and UFV; potential for interaction with UFV's teaching and research activities and the activities developed by tecnoPARQ/UFV partners; and sustainability and environmental and social impact.

Approved companies and projects now have infrastructure, advisory and consulting services for modeling and developing their businesses and entrepreneurial training, access to networking and mentors, as well as facilities for participating in business missions, events and courses.

To learn more about our pre-incubation programs, visit: http://www.centev.ufv.br/incubadora/en/program/program-de-pre-incubacao