tecnoPARQ's proposals are aproved in FAPEMIG's Program

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In order to stimulate the development of the innovation ecosystem in the State of Minas Gerais, the Minas Gerais Research Support Foundation (FAPEMIG) launched a Call 07/2019 - Support Program for Technology Parks and Incubators of Technology-Based Enterprises, with a forecast of total investment of $ 10 million in innovation environments throughout the state.

Among the specified objectives of the Call are stimulating innovation by supporting shared scientific and technological infrastructure; make these environments more attractive to innovative companies; and help accelerate the graduation of technology-intensive companies, in order to garantee market insertion and increase advantages. The Technology Park of Viçosa (tecnoPARQ) and it's Incubator of Technology-Based Enterprises –IEBT / CenTev, had their proposals approved in the program.

The proposals presented aim the consolidation of the Technology Park of Viçosa (tecnoPARQ) as a vector for inducing technological innovation and economic development, such as the Strengthening of tecnoPARQ's Incubator of Technology-Based Enterprises (IEBT / CenTev) to create new technology-based companies, competitive in the market, to promote the economic and social development of Viçosa and settlement of the Technology Park. Judgment requirements included: relevance, proposal qualification, staff, budget, and expected results.