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Winner startup of Avança Café innovates to ship specialty coffees in small quantities to Europe

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In October, the first container of Brazilian specialty coffees will be shipped to Europe, negotiated by Farmly, the startup winner of Avança Café, Start-up Pre-Acceleration Program by Embrapa Café, in partnership with the Technology-based Business Incubator of the tecnoPARQ and Inova Hub of the Federal University of Lavras.

Farmly identified an important challenge awaiting a solution: small Brazilian coffee growers have difficulty exporting special grains in smaller quantities. Across the counter, small overseas roasters are required to buy from large export companies. The innovation proposed by the startup was to unite these two ends of the chain through technology. Farmly's six young entrepreneurs have developed a digital platform for coffee growers in Brazil to offer lots of specialty coffees to foreign roasters interested in buying smaller quantities.

The Role of the Advance Coffee

Farmly partner Lucas Faria says the business idea was forged and came to life thanks to Hackaton Advances Coffee. "The competition made us organize the project and submit it to the program in Viçosa." For the team, the program helped in discipline as well as providing the know-how needed to set up a new business.

“The fact that we have to make weekly deliveries on work progress has accelerated the company and built the business. We left the idea and went to action, ”says Faria. Participants also praised the facilitators involved. “They brought in professionals who taught us how to work in business, marketing, development… we learned a lot,” says Telmo Baldo, responsible for the startup's financial management, highlighting the importance of mentoring and the environment that created the first company networking. “Finally, I was impressed by Embrapa's strong performance in encouraging innovation. It was a role that I did not associate with the Company, ”says Baldo.

Source: https://www.embrapa.br