Maintainers Agents

They are the institutional partners that support both normal and vital expenses to maintain the CenTev activities and its units. The maintainers of CenTev are public and governmental institutions that recognize and believe in the actions of the same in favor of technological development in Viçosa.

Financing Agents

The agents support the demands of CenTev and its units, such as the promotion of local technological development and the proposed internationalization of CenTev, their units and their companies. These agents seek to raise the national industrial technological level, enabling projects of institutions such as the CenTev.


International Partnerships

The CenTev to ensure its excellence in supporting technological development and innovation, celebrated international partnerships with world-renowned institutions active in related sectors to theirs. Through these partnerships, the CenTev delivery to their companies and UFV researchers the opportunity to interact with other cultures and to learn from the international market. The partnerships in this regard include the exchange of experiences regarding the business models used, the development of joint research, transfer of knowledge and technologies, the development of projects of common interest to the international challenges of coping innovation, among others.

Networks and Associations

These are agents of common interests organized into committees. They are local, regional, national and international associations, which the CenTev is part. They constitute tools that assist its members in the management of its activities and in strengthening the business segment of the same. These associations bring together institutions focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in many sectors aimed at discussing in depth the issues that influence technological development and find solutions for sustainable development.

Local, State and National Institutional Partnerships

The concept of institutional partnerships of CenTev aims a new front of action for its operating model by carrying out partnership agreements and technical and scientific cooperation. In line with these partners, CenTev conducts several projects to encourage technological development and interaction between the university, the public sector and the business. These partnerships seek a collaborative performance for the construction and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, to influence public policy, for institutional strengthening, and for strategic coordination with stakeholders for the advancement of sustainable development in Viçosa.