Innovation Link

The Innovation Link is the liaison office of the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) responsible for managing the interface between the UFV, industry, government and other research organizations. This interaction between UFV and the productive sector by means of technology transfer; knowledge transfer; research support; collaborative research; testing technology; consultancy and advisory

The Innovation Link is a formal structure of the Technological Center of Regional Development of Viçosa (CenTev) and the Permanent Commission on Intellectual Property (CPPI).

At Innovation Link companies look for ideas and projects outside of their R & D centers, and researchers offer their technologies and / or convert their knowledge in business models. Through this Liaison Office, the UFV created a new virtual and physical environment for the actors of innovation so they can seek information in accordance with their business and technological demands.

The main activities developed by Innovation Link are:

Continuous updating of technology portfolio: technology, intellectual property; labs, projects, research groups;
Contact with the researchers;
Development of feasibility studies;
Monitoring and search of public investment;
Development workshops with investors;
Forwarding and transfer of intellectual property protection for CPPI;
Relationship development and new business with companies tied to the CenTev.

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