Internationalization Program

The Internationalization Program has the objective of developing tecnoPARQ into a global environment for new business, to leverage competitiveness, and to develop new technologies. The Park aims to create cooperation between other entrepreneurship and innovation environments around the world, thus creating opportunities for resident companies to expand their technologies, in addition to enabling international companies to get to know the Brazilian market through their experience in tecnoPARQ.


TecnoPARQ has the following international partnerships:

ENRICH in Brazil — European Network of Research and Innovation Centers and Hubs.

IASP — International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation.

ANPROTEC — National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises.


In addition to the partnerships, tecnoPARQ has a strategy of participating in international missions, participating in the Land2Land Program (carried out by ANPROTEC), mapping funding, and government incentives.



Softlanding services

  • Knowledge Management:

    • Interaction and technological cooperation with the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) and others universities

    • Access to professionals and highly qualified researchers

    • Access to equipment research

    • Access to laboratories and instrumentation for research

  • Guidance for the management of the business

  • Guidance for preparation of Business Plan

  • Search edicts promotion

  • Access to investors and venture capital

  • Assistance in the preparation of projects (research, development and innovation)

  • Training activities and training

  • Consultancy and specific management technologies:

    • Quality Function Deployment

    • Technology Roadmap

    • Technology Evaluation

  • Networking technology and exchange of information with partners

  • Support the administrative activities of the companies

  • Advisors (legal, financial, marketing, communications, secretarial, accounting)

  • Monitoring the performance of companies

  • Guidance on intellectual property rights and legalization of the product

  • Monitoring and competitive intelligence:

    • Access to big companies (B2B)

    • Prospecting and technology management



About the partners of the Internationalization Program

In 2020, the tecnoPARQ obtained accreditation as Softlanding Hub from ENRICH in Brazil, which broadens its possibility of attracting companies from the European Union that are interested in doing business or settling in the country. Also, it increases the visibility in the European market, expanding, thus, the international partnerships. The ENRICH network is an initiative of the European Union. The purpose of the program is to create a network to strengthen Brazil-Europe cooperation in the areas of research, innovation, and business through the exchange of innovative practices. 

Also, tecnoPARQ is a member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP). It is a global network of science parks and innovation areas whose mission is to drive the growth, internationalization, and effectiveness of its members worldwide. 

Another international axis is the participation in the Land2Land platform of the National Association of  Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec), which promotes an efficient connection with several other global R&D centers. To deal with all these issues, this year the TecnoPARQ Internationalization Program was created to strengthen global partnerships in order to generally enhance entrepreneurship.