tecnoPARQ accelerates

A Startup accelerator program different from everything you have ever seen: tecnoPARQ accelerates aims to develop business with great potentials of growth, connected to strategic technology sectors. In this edition the sectors will be Forestry, Agriculture and Coffee. The acceleration program has as a main objective to qualify entrepreneurs in a more connected way when it comes to business development strategies. They will be able to go through all the different phases of a startup development, with the help of mentors and specialized professionals that will share they experience in theorical and practical ways. The program will offer support for the development of a technological plan, activities to accelerate the business model, access to investors, access to a coworking space and networking.

What are we seeking for?

  •  Prepare business projects towards participating in our incubation program;
  •  Help creating new businesses that work with technology development, that might contribute with the current resident companies of tecnoPARQ, offering qualified jobs for Viçosa’s community;
  •  Spread the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the community, stimulating the creation of academic spin-offs;
  •  Promote the interaction between entrepreneurs, students and researchers, as well as between education and research institutions, companies, government, financial sectors and the community;
  •  Increase possibilities of commercial success of starting tech businesses that started from projects developed in tecnoPARQ accelerates;
  •  Provide consultancy and support to ideas from students, teachers and university staff, helping them to have a more mature project;
  •  Increase job acquisition amongst students, showing other professional possibilities and providing a competitive advantage in their careers.

How will tecnoPARQ will support projects?

  •  Support for the development of a technological plan;
  •  Providence of activities that will accelerate the business model;
  •  Access to investors;
  •  Access to a coworking space;
  •  Networking.

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