Clonar Resistência a Doenças Florestais Ltda


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The Clonar Resistance to Forest Diseases Ltd. aims to provide services, develop research and technological innovation in the area of Forest Pathology focusing on minimizing risk of loss by biotic and abiotic diseases in eucalyptus cultivation.

Products, services and solutions offered by the company:

  • Diagnose and forest disease control recommendations;
  • Evaluation of genetic material relating to disease resistance, under controlled conditions, identification and maintenance of disease resistance sources;
  • Training for the management practices and control of forest diseases;
  • Assistance to forestry companies regarding the production of healthy seedlings of eucalyptus with the highest level of technology available in the world market;
  • Assessment of genetic purity, clones behavior (clonal tests) and progenies in different soil and climatic conditions;
  • The development of cloning techniques forest species recalcitrant to rizogenes.