Dendrus Projetos Florestais e Ambientais Ltda


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The Dendrus Forestry and Environmental Project is active in projects of environmental planning and management of agroforestry ventures company. Its differentials are conscious and sustainable performance, the intensive use of modern technologies and practices and their multidisciplinary team work. The Dendrus works to consolidate itself as a reference company in the environmental market and forestry.

Products, services and solutions offered by the company:

  • Auditing and Environmental Expertise and Forestry;
  • Assessment and Forest Monitoring;
  • Forest Management Plan;
  • Forestry Replacement Project;
  • Forest Management;
  • Forest Inventory;
  • Design and Implementation of Forest Planting;
  • EVTEA;
  • Creation and Management of PRNP;
  • Project for Grant of Direct Water Use;
  • Project for Registration of Legal Reserve;
  • Waste Management Plans; DAIA, ptrf, PRAD, PUP