AgroGenética - Laboratório de Análises Genéticas


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The AgroGenética uses techniques of molecular biology upon attending different needs of the national agribusiness and began its activities inside CenTev/UFV’s Incubator of Companies with Technological Base. It possesses the Certificate of Biosafety (CQB) and it is accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) to perform Analysis in the Area of Biotechnology and Transgenics.

Products, services and solutions offered by the company:

  • Qualitative Detection of Transgenics in Products of Vegetal and Animal Origin ;
  • Identification of Animal and Vegetal Species in Inputs and Processed Products;
  • Vegetal Genotyping;
  • Quantification of the Circovirus;
  • Identification of the Halotano Gene (swine stress gene);