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Agribusiness Portal currently has a multidisciplinary team prepared to deal with consulting services in all areas of agribusiness and throughout Brazil. We still have a highly qualified technical team that keeps the site updated daily with news, technical information and business opportunities. The company's focus is to provide, effectively, the great demand for companies, institutions, associations, universities, farmers, individuals and other organizations active in the agricultural, agro-industrial and commercial by services and high quality standard products. The difference of Portal is in the way of provision of solutions and range of services and products offered: development and maintenance of internet versatile tool, dynamic and easily accessible, capable of enabling customers and users to obtain information and solutions, in the field and also via web in different lines of work aimed at agribusiness.

Products, services and solutions offered by the company:

  • Consultancies;
  • Trainning;
  • Distance Learning for Agribusiness.