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RIZOFLORA develops its biological products from the fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia (PC-10) which substitute the use of pesticides on the combat of nematodes. Our technology has strong application in crops susceptible to nematodes, in particular: perennials, such as fruit trees and coffee, oleraceous such as vegetables and fruit trees with an annual cycle, ornamental plants and protected crops.

Products, services and solutions offered by the company:

  • Advising in agriculture;
  • RIZOTEC – a 100% natural biological nematicide, formulated from the PC-10 fungus, which feeds on nematode eggs and reduces considerably the populations in the soil, which enables an efficient biological management of said pest. In addition to that, the fungus that associates itself to the roots of the trees makes available the nutrients form the organic matter of the soil and promotes plant growth.
  • RIZOMAX- Seedling substrate enhancer that perfects soil quality and increases vegetative and reproductive vigor in seedlings and plants.