The Technological Center for Regional Development of Viçosa, CENTEV/UFV, a division of the Federal University of Viçosa, responsible directly to the office of the President, was established in August, 2001.


Inspired by the development centers of other institutions, such as the Federal University of Brasilia, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, CENTEV/UFV has been making it possible for faculty, researchers and students of this university a variety of opportunities for training and improvement in entrepreneurialism and technological innovation, as well as promoting social, economic and environmental activities in the Viçosa region.


Since its creation, CENTEV/UFV has been working to strengthen university-business sector ties, establishing partnerships on an on-going basis and encouraging the practice of entrepreneurialism and other forms of skills development, to ensure that students have improved possibilities of entering the job market.

As a result, we can point to an impressive number of technology-based enterprises with advanced skill levels, within the university as well as in the city.

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