Physicochemistry and Microbiology Laboratory


The Laboratory of Physicochemical and Microbiology was inaugurated in 2017, having as responsible Professor Sergio Oliveira de Paula, Executive Director of tecnoPARQ. The project was created to meet primarily the demand of tecnoPARQ's related companies, especially incubated companies that do not have the resources to invest in their own laboratories. Use is shared among companies that need to perform physicochemical analyzes and may also provide services to other companies in case of availability. It has relevance in the process of attracting new business and can be a differential for companies to settle in tecnoPARQ. Its importance is due to the fact that the laboratory serves as another service available to companies.


The laboratory is responsible for conducting Physicochemical and Microbiological analyzes for companies that belongs to tecnoPARQ, making use of modern equipment for personalized service and conducting exclusive analyzes.

Our Physicochemical Analysis Laboratory is composed of excellent equipment, calibrated and qualified to perform all the necessary tests in the Equivalence Studies in the laboratory area of ​​quality control.

The Microbiological Laboratory consists of calibrated and qualified greenhouses and autoclaves and other equipment used in microbiological quality control assays.


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